Concert Do's and Don'ts

Festival season is upon us, friends. That magical time when you gather up a group of your best mates (with music taste), and camp out under the stars...

All while waiting to see your faaaaave bands perform. These are the times when some of our fondest memories are made, riiight? 

So, we figured it was time we compiled a list of concert/festival do’s and don’ts. So when you look back at your time of pure musical bliss, you aren’t reminded of that girl in 4” heels who blocked your view, trying to see the "hot drummer"!

We also want to preface this article by saying that these are simply things we've picked up/learned along the way, and are not intended to disrupt your personal show vibez. You keep doin' you. Ok, so let’s get started. Here is our list of concert Heck Yeahs and Heck Nah's.


1.  Wear Comfortable Clothes: While this seems like a no-brainer, a lot of us (totally guilty) try waaayy too hard when it comes to deciding on our concert-look. Some of us think that by looking Coachella-ready we might get the attention of the band... and be asked to join, and end up making a thousand records, and winning a Grammy... But we say just wear something that allows you to move comfortably, and not pass out after your favorite track hits too hard

2.  Wear Reasonable Shoes: Ladies, have you ever been to a chill show and seen a girl who decided to rock extremely high heels? Like, yeah she looks bomb, but everyone around her (who isn't 6-foot) can no longer see. Plus, her feet are probably killing her and there ain't no way she's jumping during the encore. We feel for you, you brave woman. But please, leave the heels for your Tinder dates. Moving on...

3.  Take Some Photos: We are all for capturing the moment and having something tangible that you can look back on with heartfelt admiration. If there is a time during the concert when the lighting or effects are out of this world, by all means take a picture of it, you Instagram savant! And we even get needing a Snap or two... All good things in moderation. 

4.  Talk to People Around You: 

Music events are the best places to meet like-minded people. You can meet some of your best friends at shows. Even if you're feeling shy or self-conscious, be bold and say hey to the person next to you. Just remember, you are both there to see the same band, so chances are you will find many other things that you have in common. Now when you decide to rock up to the next show, you can call on them to be your road trip companion or your crazy-dance partner.

5.  Have an Amazing Time: These are the times to let loose and be free. Don’t worry about what other people might think when you’re screaming "woooOOooooOOOoo" at the top of your lungs or whipping out those killer dance moves (that have only been seen by your bedroom mirror). This is your moment and your concert experience, so DO YOU. Let the music take you over and just be yourself, because in the end all that really matters is if you enjoyed yourself.


1.  Try to Record the WHOLE Concert: Again this seems like one of those no-brainer things, but there is always that one person. While we are totally on board for Snapping part of your favorite tracks, pleeaaaase do not hold up your phone for two hours trying to capture every moment. You might record the concert, but you will be missing out on being present in the moment! Take it in with your EYES, not through the lens of your camera. 

2.   Try to Push Your Way to the Front: If you are a massive fan of a specific band, chances are that you got to the venue early to grab the best spot in the house. There is nothing more annoying than standing in line for 4+ hours to land your rightful place in the front and someone, who shows up at the last minute, pushes their way through the crowd and tries to take your spot. Nope. 


If you want to be in the front, get there early.

3.  Sit Down: If you have the ability to stand, you really should. You’re at a concert for a band you cared enough about to give a chunk of your paycheck. The band is going to do their best to create an atmosphere for you, and you are essentially suffocating their vibe by not getting up and swaying along to the beat (like a normal person, capable-of-feeling-human-emotion). Another thing that goes hand-in-hand with this is being a spectator. You literally have one job. Don’t be that person who stands with their arms crossed the whole time looking like you would rather be anywhere else in the world. Instead, clap along, wave your hands around, and if you know the words sing along. This will take the energy from 0-100 real quick

4.  Clean Out the Bar: While we all know that drinking is a huge part of any social event, there really isn’t a reason to get plastered at a concert. Not only will drunk you do some things that you probably won’t be so proud of in the morning... But to the people around you, you will always be remembered as that idiot who kept screaming out “FREEBIRD” after every song. Not your best look, dude. 

But as music lovers ourselves, we know that we can’t always be held accountable for our actions when it comes to some of our favorite artists...

Wishing y'all the happiest of festival seasons and a lifetime of amazing music-induced memories.

Author: Kearsten Jones