Andy Kong // Up&Coming

The change of the seasons seems to cause a shift in the songs that make up the soundtracks of our lives.

My personal playlist takes a turn away from poppy, lighthearted anthems to more mellow soulful tracks; artists that evoke a deep emotion within their readers from the first lines of the song are the ones that I tend to gravitate toward.

The man who has been on repeat in my life lately is independent singer/songwriter Andy Kong. Upon discovering him on Spotify, I was instantly hooked. His rich and soothing voice transports listeners into another world as we seamlessly glide through his EP ‘Meteor Showers’.

Kong is a natural storyteller and takes us on multiple journeys of longing, desire, pure love, and passion.

I kept finding myself recalling certain memories throughout my life that fit perfectly with each of his songs. This fact alone solidifies, in my mind, Kong as one of the best-of-the-best. His songwriting paints a picture with his audience and leaves a mark on their hearts which will not soon fade away. 

Not only is Andy immensely talented, but he is the true definition of an independent artist.

This Northern California native creates his tracks from the ground up. From first drafts to the final mixing, he is responsible for it all. Kong is someone who nurtures his passion for music and uses it to create breathtaking tracks. While Kong has gotten recognition for his work, it is not nearly enough.

If you want music that will give you all of the feels and will just make your heart happy, Andy Kong is the man for the job. I am such a genuine fan of this artist and I cannot wait for the world to embrace him and his amazing music!

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